Shmuel Rosner is an editor, writer and researcher based in Tel Aviv.
He is Senior Political Editor for The Jewish Journal, and Rosner’s Domain – his daily blog – is hosted by The Jewish Journal.
He is a contributing opinion writer for  The International New York Times.
He is a senior fellow at The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI).
He is the non-fiction editor for Israel’s largest Publishing House, Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir.
He wrote many columns to the online magazine Slate, to Commentary, and to other publications.
His book on American Judaism – Shtetl, Bagel, Baseball (Hebrew) – was published in 2011.
In 2012 he published The Jewish Vote: Obama vs. Romney / A Jewish Voter’s Guide (English).
In the years 2008-2013 Rosner was a columnist for the daily Maariv (Hebrew). Between 2008-2011 he was also a columnist for The Jerusalem Post (English).
In the years 2005-2008 Rosner was Chief US correspondent for the Israeli Haaretz daily.
In the years 1996-2005 Rosner was a senior editor for Haaretz, working as the head of the news division for 5 years (2000-‘05) and as the head of the features department for 4 years (‘96-2000).
Previously, Rosner worked in several other Israeli dailies and weeklies as a news editor, business editor, features editor and reporter. In 1993 Rosner wrote a three-times a week column for Haaretz, covering the implementation of the Oslo accords in Gaza and the West Bank. Rosner also served as a producer and editor in the IDF radio station.
For one year (1995) Rosner took a leave from journalism and has volunteered to work as an educator in the Jewish community of Kitchener, Canada (1995).
A long-time American history buff, in the last decade Rosner has written numerous pieces about U.S. policy and politics, and traveled across the United States covering every election since the year 2000. He is a frequent guest on Israeli television and radio as an analyst of American policy vis-à-vis Israel and the Middle East. Rosner has lectured in many Universities and Think Tanks around the country – among them Yale, Berkley, Boston University, The Hudson Institute, The Washington Institute for Middle East Policy, American University, The Army War College – and also in many Jewish gatherings and communities.
Rosner was raised and educated in Jerusalem, and he now lives in Tel Aviv with his wife, Orna Landau, and their four children.


שמואל רוזנר הוא עורך, חוקר ובעל טור

העורך הראשי של ספרי העיון בהוצאת כנרת-זמורה-דביר

עמית בכיר במכון למדיניות העם היהודי, ירושלים

העורך הפוליטי של השבועון היהודי-אמריקאי ג’ואיש ג’ורנל

 בעל טור במהדורה הבינלאומית של הניו יורק טיימס

רוזנר היה עיתונאי במשך שנים רבות, ובין השאר כיהן כראש מערכת החדשות של “הארץ”, ראש מערכת הכתבות של “הארץ” וכתב העיתון בארצות הברית. הוא כתב במגזינים ועיתונים רבים בארה”ב, בהם סלייט, קומנטרי, ניו רפבליק ואחרים. הוא כתב שלושה ספרים. ספריו בעברית הם “שטעטל בייגל בייסבול: על מצבם הנורא והנפלא של יהודי אמריקה” (כתר, 2011), ו״היהודים: 7 שאלות נפוצות (דביר, 2016). רוזנר עבד גם בעיתונים מעריב, ג’רוזלם פוסט, חדשות, העיר, והיה מפיק ועורך בגלי צה”ל. הוא מתגורר בתל אביב עם רעייתו, הסופרת והעורכת אורנה לנדאו, וארבעת ילדיהם