#IsraeliJudaism, the English Version

הספר #יהדותישראלית, דיוקן של מהפכה תרבותית, מאת שמואל רוזנר וקמיל פוקס, בחנויות הספרים

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Rosner and Fuchs provide an up-to-date account of Israeli Jewish identity, and take it to the next step by using the term “Israeli Judaism” Elan Ezrahi, Tel Aviv Review

It’s a fascinating portrait. Best Books of 2019, Mosaic, Elliott Abrams

An innovative study that explains the blended Israeli-Jewish identity… Best books of 2019, JPost, David Weinberg

Vital reading for anyone interested in understanding… the future of the broader Jewish people.Best Books of 2019, Mosaic, Haviv Rettig Gur

A fascinating new book. Yehudah Mirsky, New York Jewish Week

Important, accessible. Yossi Shain, Michal Schwartz, Jewish Review of Books

A vivid and accessible portrait of a nation. Jonathan Kirsch, Jewish Journal

Important observations on differences between Israeli and American Judaism. Evelyn Gordon, Commentary Magazine

An important contribution to understanding the values underlying current and past debates of policy and politics in Israel and in the Jewish world. Jeff Kobrin, Jerusalem Post